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Home is where the WiFi automatically connects. But WiFi in the outside world, well that’s business. Everyone looks for free WiFi when they’re away from home and will often go out of their way to get it. So take advantage of their curious ways and advertise your business.

WiFi Marketing is simple. It delivers a message every time someone uses your services. Yes, the WiFi is free for them to use, but in return they will be directed to your landing page which you can fill with relevant information about your business. Many WiFi hotspots also require a sign up through various social network accounts or with an email address, another chance to use your Email Marketing or encourage them to connect with you.

The breakdown

  • McDonaldsYou have your WiFi Hotpot or need one setting up. No problem.
  • Once you’ve figured out the hardware, you need a landing page. We can design your landing page to look and feel however you like to make it worthy of your brand. Our designs will always be responsive on all mobile devices. One less thing for you to worry about.
  • Now set the parameters of what the browser must do to access your internet. If this requires a signup, the consumer to navigate through the content or perhaps you have your own creative entry mode, we’ll set that up. Just remember if you do choose your own method, too much will scare the timid internet browsers away.
  • Once the browser has passed your initiation, consider the necessity of the consumer being redirected to the initial landing page after spending X amount of time on your WiFi. This reminds them who is providing them the service.
  • Monitor the responses. The landing page is a website after all. This will also help to tailor the landing page in the future.

There are many variables to consider when setting up your WiFi Marketing and MediaHeads are waiting to help you navigate your way through. Wander to our way of thinking and contact MediaHeads today on 03333 44 77 55 or emails us via to maximise the use of your WiFi Hotspot.