Hit the bull’s-eye with advertising that works

There is nothing more wasteful than having a marketing campaign that doesn’t receive the exposure it deserves. Targeted marketing enables you to get up close and personal with your perfect audience in multiple ways.

It begins by truly understanding your target audience. Knowing where they will look, what search engines they use and what social media platforms would suit them best. In a discussion with our team we will help you refine the criteria of your target audience and where we will expect to find them skulking.

Your bow and quiver

A MediaHeads top tip: don’t be greedy. Being vague on the audience you want to reach doesn’t mean you’ll earn more money because you’re reaching more people. You’re just throwing money away for little return. Make your advert matter to the audience it should. Put money into the design. Some of the typical demographics you will be asked to choose from include;

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Their job (job title)

The information we need for each platform will vary greatly, that’s why we like to take a detailed sketch of your audience at the beginning in case you want to expand the campaign onto more platforms later.

Facebook Targeting

Facebook Targeting works in a similar way to other targeting methods but with a Pay Per Click twist. The demographics stretch out a little differently to the other targeting methods, with new aspects like;

  • Behaviours
  • Relationship status
  • Interests

Facebook targeting is a thorough-bred pet. Not only does it want more information about the audience you want to catch so it can close the net in the millions of Facebook users, but all of its campaigns are optimised for all devices. You can rest assured that your graphics and content will be optimised by us too.

If you’re seeking target practice for your advertising campaign look no further. Call MediaHeads today on 03333 44 77 55 to discuss where you want your ads to be seen. Alternatively, drop us as email on enquiries@mediaheads.co.uk and we’ll get one of our team to bounce back with more information.