Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes.

Facebook Marketing If you’re a regular user of Facebook then chances are that you have liked at least one page. However despite the  many pages that you liked, there will always be that one page you regret liking later on. Maybe it keeps posting irrelevant content or it spams up your news feed.

While it may not seem important for the many “Like this page if you’re a 80s kid” pages, it is really important that your company pages are well managed. Below are five common Facebook Marketing mistakes that businesses tend to fall afoul of.

1. No Plan in Place

This is possible one of the biggest mistakes people make when they are going starting their marketing campaign. What are you using the Facebook page for? Is it building brand awareness? Connecting with customers and fans? Taking a moment to plan what you hope to achieve with your Facebook page will stop it from becoming a hodgepodge of mismatched ideas, statements and goals.

2. Facebook isn’t free

A lot of companies see Facebook marketing as an instant thing: “I’ve got a Facebook page, that’s good enough” is something we’ve heard quite regularly. They tend to shrug and say that because it’s free, the worse that will happen will be an interesting failed experiment.
To get the most out of Facebook marketing, you need to spend a bit of money. Facebook ads, professional profile images, and even discounts to attract customers will cost a bit. The phrase “You have to spend money to make money” springs to mind. Businesses will ultimately shoot themselves in the foot because they don’t put any time, money or effort to make their marketing campaign succeed.

3. Watch what you’re posting.

To continue to riddle this article with clichés, “It’s not the size of the tool, but how you use it.” While your Facebook page may be perfect, posting about the same three or four subjects will make your followers more likely to unlike your page. Make sure the content is suitable for the nature of the page and the company. Obviously the content from a solicitor’s Facebook page will be different from a local entertainment club.

The best way to look at this is to put yourself in the shoes of a liker. If the answer to the question “Would I like this page?” is “No, Probably not” then you should re-evaluate your strategy.

4. Not giving anyone a reason to like the page.

One sign of a great marketing campaign is to get both your offline and online marketing campaigns to work in synergy. While it is easy to post a Facebook image over your marketing images, it is ultimately lazy. You’re telling a customer to like a page but not why they should.

You have to look at your messages and campaign and see what would entice your customer to stay a fan.

5. Not monitoring the stats.

How do you monitor the success of a Facebook Marketing Campaign? The amount of likes? This may seem important but what is the point of getting 100 likes and nothing else is quite dull and uninteresting. To find worthwhile information, you need to do a bit of digging…

Likes, Shares and engagements are not worthless; they are just not what you need to measure to make a good marketing campaign. Looking at the benefits to the business is more important, than how many likes the business has. Use Facebook exclusive offers, for example, and see how many people come to redeem them.

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