How to be a social media boss in 5 simple steps

It’s more important today than it ever has been to get yourself an online presence. There are dozens of popular social media platforms to choose from, but from a business perspective, it’s vital that you’re set up and active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +. Once you’ve got the basics set up, you should use other social media platforms to your advantage- YouTube is key for anyone who would really benefit from video marketing, such as if you’re selling a product that is marketed the best through a visual demonstration. Likewise, Instagram is an important tool for anyone who relies on visual aesthetics to sell a product.

Other social media platforms include Tumblr, Vimeo (which is similar to YouTube), Pinterest, and Snapchat. Although it’s useful to have an online presence on as many social media platforms as possible, you may decide to hold off on adding these platforms to your marketing strategy until you’re comfortable enough with other platforms to begin with. So now you know where you need to be, but how do you really excel at making a name for yourself online?

  1. Post regularly

There’s no point having an account if you’re not going to make use of it. Posting regular updates keeps you relevant to your followers and ensures you’re not lost beneath the hundreds of other business accounts that are similar to yours (harsh truth). Try to make it a morning habit to make a post- it could be anything from talking about the weather outside, to announcing a competition, to reminding customers of your contact details. It really doesn’t matter if the topic isn’t relevant (to a certain extent), as long as your name is out there. There are also apps that you can use to schedule posts weeks, or even months in advance, so if you’re not great at keeping a routine, you don’t have any excuses.

  1. Follow your competition

There’s no better way to stay in-the-know than to follow your closest competitors’ social media accounts. It’s not only a way to track how they’re doing sales-wise; you can also steal any social media marketing strategies of theirs that are working particularly well for them, as well as any design and layout tips. Look out for those who are doing particularly well followers-wise, as that’s a sign they’re doing something right.

  1. Know your audience

Every business has a target audience, and it’s no different when it comes to social media. Make sure you keep your audience appropriate to the services or products you’re selling, so they’ll be interested in your posts and keep updated with your account.

  1. Host a competition

There’s no better way to excite your current followers, and bring in a shedload of new followers, than by hosting a competition or a giveaway. The rules could be as simple as liking the post and tagging a friend, and you could offer one of your latest products/services as a prize (or a substantial discount on the product/service). You could give an extra chance to win if your followers share your post, in order to bring in more views and increase your follower count.

  1. Have patience

Be patient- social media success doesn’t happen overnight! It’s unrealistic to expect to gain hundreds of followers immediately after setting up your account; social media is a work in progress. By consistently posting, engaging with followers, and promoting yourself on your website and other platforms, your following will slowly build, and you’ll start to see results.

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