On the vast world wide web, knowing what social media platform is the best to reach out to your target audience is mind numbing. Your time would be better spent dealing with the real business while MediaHeads build the platforms for you to stand on. We will help you to decide which platforms will help you to reach your target audience, make your brand consistent across the range and maintain your platforms once they are up and running.

MediaHeads can assist you at any stage of your social media management. If your a new comer to the social media world or want to reboot your previous profiles with enthusiasm, MediaHeads will tailor a package to suit you by choosing one or more of the following options.


In your initial consultation we will assess what social media outputs your business needs and the functionality of those accounts to you. We have previously worked on;

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Trip advisor and more.

If you already have some accounts, we will revamp the aesthetics and make them consistent throughout. If you want to know more about the benefits of moving onto a new platform or wish to know how Targeted Marketing works on social network accounts, we can include that in your consultation.


If you want your company to be consistent across the board, we can take charge of the front of the shop too. Our graphics specialists will ensure that you have clean, strong profiles that are professional and approachable. We will make these fit in with you existing brand or combine it with the brand design you are also acquiring through us.

To read more about how we will do this, take a look at our Social Media Design page.


Once everything is up and running you don’t have to take over the reins. MediaHeads will build your fellowship and drive targeted traffic from your social networks onto your website. A few of the simple ways we will do this are;

  • Engaging with your followers. They don’t want to be talked at, they want interaction. By keeping the ratio of interactions with customers and business posts at a good level, you will appear approachable yet professional. You will give a true consumer experience.
  • Sharing relevant information, creating discussions and using your account effectively. Nothing is more off putting than an incomplete profile (or incorrectly filled) that talks only of itself like a spam-bot. Make people pay attention and take a closer look at you. You will have more opportunities for business opened up to you.
  • Keywords. We talk a lot about keywords in Search Engine Optimisation but it is the only way your potential or existing customers find you. Hashtag it. See what responses you get and take a look at the analytics.

These may all seem like common sense points, but many businesses lose interest or forget the basics a few months into maintaining their profiles because they have other things to be dealing with. The greatest advantage of having MediaHeads maintaining your social media profiles is that we don’t forget. Our social marketing strategy is time-tested and has helped our clients reach out in a way they have never been able to. What’s more, is that we will send you a monthly report so that you know exactly how things are progressing with your social media presence.

To effectively utilise the world of social media, contact the specialists today on 03333 44 77 55 or drop us an email on enquiries@mediaheads.co.uk for a quote on your business needs.