Get direct with a text. The general population carries a mobile phone and a text doesn’t get forgotten. A sent text waits to be received even if a phone is turned off or without signal. So save your workforce from making endless calls and clients forgetting what you said when they put the phone down. Use our Text marketing to grab their attention.

Otherwise known as Bulk SMS Marketing, the service passes on the information you want to send exactly when you need it to be. Some of the other key features include;

  • An online address book
  • Group creations
  • Scheduling
  • Mail merge

The process is relatively effortless. These messages can be sent out to your clients, potential customers, your staff – anyone you need to get in touch with at short notice. MediaHeads will even give you 10 free text messages to get you started.

Keeping it casual

Just like the ones on the end of your favourite reality show, your company can have a Short Code. This grants you the possibility of receiving feedback and information from your clients or for them to receive additional information. For example, our partner company we receive this service from Textblue have their own Short Code, 60777. If you were to text there keyword ‘TextBlue’ to their Short Code you will receive information on this service.

By selecting a simple keyword for the client to include in the text, you will be able to view incoming texts on your account screen and respond to each individually. Your customer will also be pleased to discover that the cost to send one of these texts is their networks standard rate.

Keeping up with us? Great. To set-up your Text Marketing Campaign, contact MediaHeads today on 03333 44 77 55 or and request a quote today.