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Vlogging has become an internet sensation in recent years, so take advantage of the hike in its appeal. It is yet another media platform you can stand on that will grab your target audience’s attention and the higher the views you generate, the higher the potential you have in converting them into long-term customers. Our no-fuss attitude will make you feel at ease, as the professionals at MediaHeads can begin by branding your video channel to match the platforms you already have in your arsenal. Once we are pleased that your channel is kitted out and connected to your other social media platforms, we will move onto the important matter of putting together the video that will begin your vlogging journey.

Save your words for the screen

We understand that internet browsers don’t have a long attention span yet we believe vlogging is the future of online marketing. Therefore we will endeavour to make sure your video snappy and to the point. In our consultation we will discuss your video’s objective and story at length so that we can compile comprehensive notes that will see us through writing the script and story board for your video. The script will take you through the video’s structure moment by moment and as we enjoy the collaborative input of all our work, we will revise these as often as you wish. From there, the video production builds in momentum. We commit the script to video and discuss any additional affects you may want to include such as music, voice overs and special effects. The editing process is where the bulk of our time will be spent so that your video’s campaign objective is demonstrated seamlessly.

Vlog star

Once your video is complete, the video can be shared on your social media profiles and embed onto your website for an interactive touch. We can then measure the responses your video receives for a better understand and develop your future videos campaigns. So expand your internet presence today by contacting us on 03333 44 77 55 or if your bursting with ideas you will forget to mention on the phone, drop us an email

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