Hit them where they need you

Nothing says business more than email. On the list of things people do on their mobile phones, checking their emails will rank near the top. So landing a tailored email into a client’s inbox for them to read when they’ve got a spare minute will snap up a few intrigued browsers.

E-shots are a great way of reaching out to perspective customers as much as reminding your faithful clients of your history together. The versatile use of E-shots means that you can talk about your services, new deals, competitions or a mixture of everything. Regardless of your email needs, if you’re new to the emailing campaign or a fierce email booster, MediaHeads have something that will help you get responses instead of blocking.

With a carefully managed subscriber list, campaigns will be segmented by gender, location, interest etc, depending on the data captured. Analytical tracking will help you understand the increase in visits to your website.

Less spam, more buzz

Over the years, MediaHeads have been working to get the chemistry right for the perfect email. We know not to overload timid readers with information in the email. No one enjoys being talked at. We give them call-to-actions, enticing graphics and reasons to respect you as a business.

The text and graphics for your E-shots will be brand focused, conveying the agreed and necessary information without overloading the reader. Using your database or a database that we have supplied, we will blast out your email and monitor the responses it receives. All this will be handed over to you in a report, stating the recipients who opened the email along with other bits of useful information, therefore allowing you to follow up on these leads.

A comfortable companion for Email Marketing is OnMonitoring. If you’re a B2B company, OnMonitoring will help you source valuable leads to send your emails. Read more about it here.

Demonstrate your emailing skills by dropping us an enquiry today via enquiries@mediaheads.co.uk or call us on 03333 44 77 55 for more details on your Email Marketing campaigns. Take a look at couple of emails we’ve sent out for our clients below and see what you think.

Building and managing email communication

Why choose MediaHeads?

  • Email planning and strategy
  • Cost-effective design process
  • List building and management
  • List buying and data capture
  • Tracking and API integration
  • Ongoing support

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