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Emails that deliver results

With extensive experience in email marketing, MediaHeads make it easy to deliver effective email campaigns and share them on social networks.

By developing well written, designed and relevant content email marketing will become part of your digital strategy, engaging your target audience.

Organic sign up from branded forms that integrate into your website and Facebook page will ensure growth.

With a carefully managed subscriber list campaigns will be segmented by gender, location, interest etc, depending on the data captured. Analytical tracking will help you understand the increase in visits to your website.

Effective communication

Building a responsive subscriber list requires careful planning, engaging content and a targeted message.

At MediaHeads we’ll discuss your email marketing strategy with you, manage your subscriber list, design and deliver your email campaign, tracking the results, open and click-through rate!

Contact our friendly team on 03333 44 77 55 or e-mail to discuss you email requirements further and view some of our recent campaigns below:

Building and managing email communication

Why choose MediaHeads?

  • Email planning and strategy
  • Cost-effective design process
  • List building and management
  • List buying and data capture
  • Tracking and API integration
  • Ongoing support

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