A comprehensive range of services

In today’s world in order to compete with many of the leading global companies, you must develop the skills and expertise to promote your business using many different advertising channels, platforms and devices. For some time now many people use their mobile phones for the internet. The rate of numbers of people doing this is rapidly growing! Many call plans are generous with their data allowance and the day that nearly everyone will own a smart-phone is nearly upon us! Do you have a mobile website? We advise that you get one if you don’t.

If you are a local business, targeting local people you will still have a few competitors (depending on your type of business). Of course the work is lighter and easier but that will be reflected in the price as you will probably select one of our smaller packages.

MediaHeads do not only serve companies with an internet presence already that we improve, we are also here for you if you have decided to go online for the first time! It maybe that all you have is an email address and nothing more. Or perhaps a Facebook page and nothing more. We can design you a state-of-the-art website first and then proceed to make you the “top dog” over time through implementing our expert knowledge working with your website and social media accounts. We can manage everything for you so that you can get on with running your business. SEO & internet marketing in general with all that it encompasses is a very laborious and time consuming task. Not only that but you need the knowledge in the first place on how to work it effectively and when you think you have got to grips with what you need to do….the secrets change! So allow us to rid you of the burden while you make plans to cater for the increase of business.

To simplify and generalise, although every client we have is different in their needs, what are the crucial goals that every business have in common?

  • To rank on the first page of the most commonly used search engines for your strategically chosen keywords
  • To stand out from the competition and have massive engagement and activity on the most commonly used social media sights – this in turn is part of the SEO process so it’s a double benefit
  • Traffic but more importantly, targeted traffic
  • A good professional image
  • Sales in whatever form sales take in your business. Sales result from the above being achieved

All our services have been designed to help you harness the power of ever-changing digital landscape, stay ahead of your competitors and help your business to engage with a global, national or local audience”.

A comprehensive range of services from MediaHeads


Our MEDIABoost package covers all aspects of digital marketing and is a must-have service for businesses looking to develop a comprehensive online presence. MediaBoost includes everything from Search-Engine Optimisation, to Social Networking, Blogging and Pay-per-Click Advertising. It has been designed to help our clients take advantage of the vast range of digital marketing opportunities on offer.

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Website traffic increase from Social Marketing


We understand that many businesses struggle to implement an effective social networking strategy. Our SOCIALBoost package is designed to build effective Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles for your business. With a carefully managed strategy we update your pages on a regular basis, adding relevant content, to engage and encourage your target readership.

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Website traffic increase from optimised video


Having a video created can be an expensive investment for businesses, so we feel that it is important to get your video seen. VIDEOBoost involves taking any videos you have, distributing them on as many different video sharing websites as possible, sharing them on social networking websites, encouraging views by developing a Pay-per-Click advertising strategy and also through email marketing campaigns.

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Creating an effective online brand and maintaining it across every online presence helps to impress perspective customers in seconds.

Website Design

With new company websites coming online every day, it is important to maintain a fresh, modern feel to your website to wow the visitors.


Google constantly change their algorithms, so getting your company to the top of search results and staying there is a job for the experts.


With many businesses now reaping the benefits of Social Media, there has never been a better time to jump on the bandwagon.


Identifying the marketing strategy that is just right for your business can be extremely rewarding.

Google Tours

Showcase the interior of your premises with this brand new feature from Google Maps. Get one step ahead of your competitors.


Ensuring consistency and grabbing attention are two key elements of design, whether it be leaflet design or business card design.


One of the best ways to encourage more people to engage with you online is to let them about your online accounts through print.


There are many types of advertising, from Pay-per-Click to placing an advertisement in the newspaper or the phonebook.


Often the best way to engage a potential customer is to entertain them and animations are a great way of doing that.