Climbing up

You can have a perfectly designed website. Impeccable communication skills, an assortment of calls-to-actions, and an impressive marketing campaign. You can have the whole package but if your website is not prepped with Search Engine Optimisation, you’ll be almost impossible to find through a search engine and with 80% of internet browsers not looking beyond the first page of search results, you cannot risk skipping this service.

The steps up to the top

In an ideal world, your website would be ranking top of the search engines. There is no magic wand that will make that happen in an instant, but by using SEO tactics you will be ranking better in no time. These tactics include content optimization, keyword research and analysis, strategic link-building, targeting and more.

We begin with the most recognised method: on-page optimization This will make your website easily found by internet browsers by altering the web page code and content in accordance to search engine algorithms. With this method, when one of your keywords is typed into a search engine, your website will pop up in the search results.

Link committing

On the other side of this coin is off-page optimization. Your website will not stand so well alone than if it had external sources supporting it like crutches. By linking your website to external sources such as social media profiles and directory submission with targeted keywords, your online visibility will increase.

Looking back

At the end of every month we will compile a report of your website traffic, your current keyword rankings and optimised content which we will email to you for you to review at your leisure. This not only keeps you aware of the results we are producing and tracks your return on investment (ROI), but ensures we are always kept up-to-date with new developments. If you would prefer to discuss your report in an on-site meeting or over the phone, we are happy to arrange your review around you.

To see how our SEO packages have worked for other companies, read our case studies from Reels in Motion and Dustcheck.

Spring to action and call our team today on 03333 44 77 55 to get your website ranking sooner. Alternatively, we can email you our SEO packages, simply email us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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