Get Smart With an Ofsted Compliant School Website

Schools safe-guarding duties are extending beyond the school gates. For schools, where the priority is the education and welfare of its students, this can feel like another stick to beat you with. Combine this with the mammoth task of developing and maintaining a school website and it becomes one huge headache. You’re venturing into a field you’re not trained for, a field that is constantly evolving and is a full time job in itself. MediaHeads are experts. Let us help.

MediaHeads work with schools to develop their own unique website to ensure it meets Ofsted requirements. Websites are now viewed as part of an Ofsted Inspection, so it is vital you get it right. Our hidden aim is to ensure E-Safety Compliance; our visible aim is to Design, Create and Develop your school’s website vision into a reality, in a functional and responsive site that meets your needs as an education provider.

Are you information-giving? Are you home-work guiding? Are you social networking? MediaHeads understands and takes on board how users consume your content. We understand the varying needs of pupils, parents and staff. We can provide a unified approach that encompasses all the elements you need in a user-friendly, cohesive E-Safe way. What is more, is that we also also offer a maintenance package that keeps on top of the latest innovations, concerns, and E-Safety principles that Ofsted highlights so that you don’t have to. Without you worrying about it, we can ensure you adhere to current coding principles and practices.

Importantly, we also ensure that your website and its functionality meets Data Protection requirements whilst also being your most valuable tool for data collation and imparting information. Beyond the basics, we ensure that your website enables you to engage with parents to help them put in place E-Safety measures at home.

E-Safety, and its vital part within a highly functional highly responsive website, is one of those areas that never seems hugely important until it’s too late. Let MediaHeads be your foresight, and get it right from the start. We offer the following Schools Website Packages:

  • Fully Compliant Website Design & Launch
  • School Website Updates to Meet Requirements
  • Ongoing School Website Support

Having your website made to suit the set Ofsted requirements is quick and easy. Contact our friendly team on 03333 44 77 55 to discuss your school’s website today.