In a country that rains a third of the year, you would be a fool to overlook this funky new wave of advertising. The hydrophobic paint repels water, so when it rains your brand can be seen clearly and boldly on the most miserable of days. If that doesn’t make you want to dance in the rain we don’t know what will.

Like its brother Clean Street Advertising, this method will awe and amaze passer-bys as the advert will magically appear once wet and vanish as the pavement dries. Applied to the pavement with a stencil and spray, you can expect your advert to last between 2 – 4 months depending on foot traffic and cleaning of the pavement.

In fact, Rain Advertisement is so easy to arrange, design and commit to stone, we think it’s prefect for any creative campaigner. To see how rain can brighten your day, speak to our team now on 03333 44 77 55  or email us at and be rewarded with a smile when we reply.

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