Everyone recognises these little QR Code aliens popping up on posters, products or even business cards. These nifty little codes are scanned by mobile devices and direct the customer to your destination. Destinations include;

  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Social media profiles
  • Download material, typically contact details

The interactive quality of QR Codes creates its own curiosity, so focusing on the way the QR Code is presented and where it takes the customer is the main priority. While you could do this yourself, you could also leave it to the professional designers at MediaHeads who have working experience with QR Codes and their campaigns. We get familiar with your brand and campaign message before presenting you with the actualisation of your brief.

Advantages of simplicity

QR Codes are often renewable. So once your campaign expires, you can keep the same QR code and link it to something new. Comes in handy when you have recently printed business cards or leaflets and you want to change where the code lands. Other advantages of using a QR code are;

  • Can be traced by web analytics or by other marketing measurement
  • Versatility. Not only can it be used to advertise anything, it can also be advertised anywhere.
  • Low cost

Looking for a new and interesting way to use a QR code? Be amazed by what Chalk Advertisement  can do for you. If you feel like something even more exotic QR Codes can be incorporated into Rain Advertising too. MediaHeads will be happy to talk you through QR codes, from the traditional use, to new marketing, just call us on 03333 44 77 55 or email enquiries@mediaheads.co.uk today to hear more.