Shift aside the magazines and articles. Online advertising is only for the brave. The endless resources of the internet promises multiple ways of getting your business it’s needed publicity. However, in the vast oceans that is crowded with other businesses trying to make it, it could also feel like you’re sailing without a helm. How do you get people to stop and pay attention to you when there are other websites they could be surfing?

High tide

So you’re up the creek without a paddle. What are the options? Many, if you’re willing to shop around for a bit. But save your time and surf smart. MediaHeads have compiled a list of what we consider the most effective ways of marketing your brand on the internet, tested by our clients. Whether you want to keep it low-key and simple with Email Marketing, or looking for what we consider the internet essentials, such as Search Engine Optimisation  and Social Media Management you need not seek any further. We have the tools, the designers and the knowledge to set you up for the rough seas. So depending on your budget and how far you wish to travel, read up on the better ways to exploit the internet.