Put your shape into the landscape

If it’s on the side of the motorway, your local sports pitch or on a grass verge, your brand’s advertising can reach for the sky with Grass Advertising. Using the latest technology you can have photo-like quality for a high reception of attention. And for our fellow environment lovers, we can assure you that all our wonderfully colourful paints are bio-degradable and non-toxic so that it does not harm the grass or environment. We care too.

It’s a relatively simple process. You call. We consult. Design. Plan. Produce. Finished with aerial photographs so that you can see how your brand looks from above. Your brand will gain free media coverage for an advantageous return in your investment. Simple, yes?

You may have guessed it; this is another product we offer by our amigos at Street Advertising Services. Why? Because they were responsible for the world’s largest shave for Gillette’s campaign and we thought that was pretty impressive. It caught the attention of The Telegraph, Metro, BBC and also ours. We can see your brand on the landscape, so what is stopping you?

Another service from our friends

Street Advertising Services

Are you envisioning your brand’s message on greener pastures too?

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