Privacy expert orders Facebook to make Social Graph easier to opt-out

Social Network giant Facebook has been urged to make it easier for it’s users to opt-out of having their data used to generate results for the new Graph Search service. The firm made the service live to the public earlier this week, the service aims to make it easier for users to look through their friends’ interests, checked-in places and photos.

During the launch event, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said “the firm had gone to great lengths to ensure its new offering is “privacy aware” through the rollout of new data protection tools”. The new data protection tools include the introduction of Privacy Shortcuts, which allows users to see who can view their content and contact them, and a new mass un-tag tool.

This allows users to remove themselves from multiple pictures or posts they would rather not be tagged in. Furthermore, Facebook chief Zuckerberg said as Graph Search is rolled out across the user base, Facebook members will receive a prompt on the homepage telling them to review the data they have on show.

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