Stimulate your audience

Rifling through your email inbox can feel like a chore, but direct mail through the letterbox flutters your interest. No one can ignore a tantalising offer when it comes through the door, even if it is put aside to read later. The flexibility of having a great mailshot campaign allows you to be personal with your customers while you watch your business sales increase.

Personalise your direct mail

Much like your internet campaigns, you should know your target audience before you send direct mail. Receiving junk mail is annoying and isn’t cost effective for your company. You will also not receive the response you were expecting to improve your future mailshots. By being relevant to your customers as individuals and acknowledging them by name or on their birthday, they will feel special and you’re on the way to an effective mailshot. Therefore MediaHeads will help you compile the right mailing list for your company and refine the mail you send for the best results. New age thinking for an old-fashioned method.

Tailored to suit

Choose from a variety of formats such as letter, brochure or leaflet to suit your campaign’s objective. MediaHeads will then help you compliment any other media outputs you’ve already made or wish to explore. If a customer has already heard or seen your advert and you plant a powerful call-to-action on their doorstep, you will takes the customer from brand awareness to the point of purchase. MediaHeads will help you set the tone and connect the dots of this process.

Measuring response

Whatever you wish to achieve with your direct mail, be sure to measure the response. Unlike many advertising methods this is possible. Special discount codes, phone numbers or email addresses can help you collect data on your customers so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaign. Together with MediaHeads, we can use the data to create better direct mail campaigns.

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We believe your direct mail should meet its perfect partner, Email Marketing. You already have the basic content from your mail. Let’s exploit it.