The Personal Injury Specialists!

Attwood Solicitors are solicitors who specialise in personal injuries, ranging from Slips and Trips to  Hearing Loss and PIP implants.

Attwood Solicitors pride themselves on an sympathetic approach to cases, which will ease the stress caused by accident or injury.

Website Optimisation

Our online content writers enhanced Attwood Solictors’ website by analysing each web page, identifying ways to increase search-engine rankings and modifying content to ensure that keywords are promoted effectively.

As a result of this, 85% of keywords chosen by Attwood Solicitors are within the top 100 Google search results.

Social Engagement

Attwood Solicitors has a large social media presence.  As well as the main Attwood Solicitor Facebook page, we have separate Facebook pages for several important services that Attwood Solicitors offer.

These pages include Hearing Loss Help,  Cosmetic Surgery Support,  Accidents at Work and PIP implants Support. Each page is regularly updated with news articles, data and information about the relevant subject.

Attwood Solicitors has seen the amount of people who ‘like’ their page increase by 60% since the additional pages have been made.


We created an animation for Attwood Solicitors, which was used to promote their business on YouTube and across the country.

The video features the Attwood Solicitors mascot ‘Mr Egg’ injuring himself in a variety of locations and situations, to make potential clients aware of the various types of compensation that Attwood solicitors offer.

Since the advert was completed Attwood Solicitors has seen a 20% increase of the number of enquiries that they have received.