Looking for a new challenge?

An exciting opportunity has arisen within MediaHeads to join the team. We’re looking for a sharp, motivated and versatile individual.

We are digital marketing agency with almost ten years of experience in online marketing. Our aim is to deliver beginning-to-end marketing solutions to businesses to help them to achieve their marketing goals. We cover a range of services including website design and management, SEO, email marketing, etc.

The Role

In this role you will report to and assist the Project Manager with the delivery of marketing activities for clients. You will be expected to fulfil the following roles and responsibilities.

  • Interacting with clients via email and phone
  • Packaging and posting parcels
  • Set up social media and email accounts e.g. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Zoho, etc
  • Managing social media accounts e.g. Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  • Writing monthly reports of clients’ marketing strategies and progress
  • The use of email marketing platforms to deliver newsletters and e-shots
  • Develop an understanding of Search Engine Optimisation and paid advertisement (PPC)
  • Send out press releases, update blogs etc.
  • Facilitating a range of digital marketing strategies
  • General office admin tasks; such as taking calls, signing for packages and running errands
  • General Housekeeping

Personal Qualities

  • Organised
  • Punctual & Reliable
  • High levels of accuracy and attention to detail
  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Excellent spelling, grammar and all-round literacy skills
  • Strong initiative
  • Versatile
  • Hard working
  • Willingness to learn


4 GCSEs Graded C or above preferably in English, Maths and ICT.


The right candidate may be offered a full-time job upon completion of the apprenticeship.

Job Type: Apprenticeship


Please send the relevant information to applications@mediaheads.co.uk

1. Name
2. Contact Details
3. CV
4. Cover Letter

We look forward to hearing from you.


Google Alerts – A Free Tool That Is Very Useful For Your Business

Google Alerts is an important tool for businesses and it’s free! Not only that but it’s very simple to use.


Google Alerts will alert you of new content that has appeared on the web relevant to the keywords you have asked it to alert you about. You can be alerted immediately, daily or weekly either to your email or RSS feed. See our simple tutorial for details. All you need is a Google account to use Google Alerts.


Why is this useful and how does it relate to your business? Do you ever worry about what people are saying about you? This tool will ease your mind immediately, if you use Google Alerts regularly – you’ll be the first to know! This enables you to address any complaints AND compliments quickly. This will serve you well in projecting a good customer service image.


Do you want to know what your competitors are up to? Are they doing anything new? Any new “fish in the sea”? This is what you need to use Google Alerts to find out. You also can keep up with new industry knowledge.


How Do People Find People These Days?


Before the internet and certainly if you are an adult, you will remember the days when every hard copy, paper telephone directory was dog eared, dirty, torn and well used.  You would have it close to hand and retrieve it every moment that you needed to find a choice of products or services in your area or nationally.  The Yellow pages was like Google when it was an ape before it evolved into a modern species.  Each time the new updated telephone directory landed on your door mat, you would eagerly replace the old one with it.  I’m sure many of you like me often don’t bother to take it out of the plastic wrapper any more.  Am I right?  Why is that?  Well times have changed and now we have unintentionally changed how we find products and services.

First of all, every telephone directory is online now.  So rather than thumbing through the pages, we can type a keyword into a search bar and get what we need quickly.  As part of our SEO service at MediaHeads, we enlist you into the directories because it has SEO benefits.  However, even though the digital phone book is more appealing than the traditional hard-copy phone book, do people go to such websites to find you?  The answer is not many people do, not directly.  When a keyword or phrase is entered into a search bar of a search engine, often one or two of the results take you to a phone directory however what did the person do in the first place?  That’s right, they used a search engine!  When most people turn on their computer and start up their internet browser, what is their homepage usually?  Google or Yahoo or perhaps another search engine.

Masses of people are now using search engines on the internet to find businesses near them or nationally, particularly Google.  So then, it is vital to your website success that you appear within the top 5 search results of your strategically chosen keywords.  To achieve that is not always easy depending on the type of business you have and the kind of competitors you have.  MediaHeads can help you to achieve this and we are always abreast of Google’s crawling behaviour.  Contact us now for a free assessment of what your internet presence is and how we can help to improve it.  Call us on 03333 44 77 55 or click here for more details.