A34 Digital Billboard Advertisements

Businesses across the whole of Staffordshire are advertising to over 21,000 vehicles every day on the Digital Billboard located outside M Club Spa and Fitness.

Some of these businesses are:

  • M Club
  • Stoke City FC
  • WaterWorld
  • MIC Properties Ltd
  • BodyFit Express
  • ASC Financial Management

Take a look at the animation below to see how the advertisements look:


If you would like to join these advertisers, contact one of our team today on 01782 450 111 or e-mail enquiries@mediaheads.co.uk.

A34 Digital Billboard Advertisements (4th March 2014)

Businesses across the whole of Staffordshire are advertising on our digital billboard and are receiving brilliant results!

Some of these businesses are:

  • Attwood Solicitors
  • Spraystyle Body Masters
  • Drayton Group Mercedes
  • Stoke City FC
  • M Club
  • Strata Windows
  • Caudwell Children
  • WaterWorld

Take a look at the video below to see what the advertisements look like to the thousands of motorists and pedestrians that pass the sign every day.
[jwplayer mediaid=”4351″]

Google Alerts – A Free Tool That Is Very Useful For Your Business

Google Alerts is an important tool for businesses and it’s free! Not only that but it’s very simple to use.


Google Alerts will alert you of new content that has appeared on the web relevant to the keywords you have asked it to alert you about. You can be alerted immediately, daily or weekly either to your email or RSS feed. See our simple tutorial for details. All you need is a Google account to use Google Alerts.


Why is this useful and how does it relate to your business? Do you ever worry about what people are saying about you? This tool will ease your mind immediately, if you use Google Alerts regularly – you’ll be the first to know! This enables you to address any complaints AND compliments quickly. This will serve you well in projecting a good customer service image.


Do you want to know what your competitors are up to? Are they doing anything new? Any new “fish in the sea”? This is what you need to use Google Alerts to find out. You also can keep up with new industry knowledge.