Good ol’ Bluetooth. On most of our devices and often forgotten about except for file transfers. Bluetooth Marketing however takes advantage of this neglected method to reach out to your new or existing clients when they’re in the vicinity of your business. The cherry on top of the cake? Once the system is set up, it is free to run.

From design and beyond

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Oh yes. As you can imagine, the design is extra important in this method. If someone agrees to download the advert, they’re going to severely disappointed your advert is too ugly to look at or doesn’t engage their interest. So start smart. MediaHeads are happy to help you create the ideal Bluetooth download and advise you on the best format for what you want to communicate.

Once the advert is in place, the Bluetooth transmitter will search for enabled devices nearby. Once it’s found a device it will invite the lucky recipient to download the advert. Upon accepting, the file will be sent to view. If rejected, the system will take note of the device so that they are not bothered again. As the system will monitor both acceptances and rejections, you can see how effective your campaign was when it comes to a close. Then you simply refresh the system and broadcast a new advert.

Cautions to the wind

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To get the most out of your Bluetooth marketing, you need to keep your Bluetooth transmitter strategically placed. Putting it too close to you WiFi router for example, will crush its signal. You need to aim for a high place, away from obstacles and where people are likely to pass. You may also want to ensure you have some kind of warning for passer-bys to turn on the Bluetooth so that they can get the download. It would be a shame to have such a strong campaign if no one knew it was even there.

Here comes a real blow: Bluetooth Marketing is not compatible with Apple devices. They don’t have Bluetooth. Why, we are not sure, but if this bums you out too much, look at WiFi Marketing or Text Marketing. Same principles, different strategies.

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