Business as an art

Blogging is one of the most accessible, easiest ways of publishing extra information about your company. There’s no need to overload your website with the smaller details. Maximise its potential and extend onto another platform. Like your social media profiles, a blog will require management and a little TLC but like all other methods, it’s another way of attracting customers to your business.

Nowadays, you can type almost anything into a search engine and you will find a blog that will tell you what’s what. ‘How do I…’ and ‘What is …’ are two of the mostly commonly entered phrases, so put your business into the mix. What if you had a blog that told them how to or what your product or service does? You will bring in new viewers that can be directed to your website.

Directing the storm

Blogging sounds simple enough, but the world is swamped with people who think exactly the same. Businesses that blog receive 55% more views than those without a blogging presence, so it’s not an option you should neglect. It is another matter of using keywords, popularity and quality.

For example, you can give more information on how a product or service works without cramming down your website. By hyperlinking the blog to the desired page on your website can have a short version for those who are not interested in the finer details and long versions for those who want more before they commit. See how MediaHeads take advantage of blogging here.

Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced branding. Your blog is a place for your voice to be heard and your reputation to be built. So seize it.
  • Builds creditability and strengths relationships. A well-written and insight blog gets your business noticed. It makes new or existing customers trust you. Make yourself approachable.
  • Great for SEO. Not only will your content rank you higher, but if other blogs link to you, you will be climbing up through them too
  • It’s another way to manage your analytics. More clicks, more business.

What MediaHeads do

MediaHeads will help you to accomplish all that. As pioneers of design, we will fashion your blog to your brand’s standard and help you on your way to becoming blog savvy. This will include advising you on the best platform for the audience you want to reach, maximising the content you wish to include and writing the blog posts if you need someone take over with the know-how.

So if you’re seeking advice or desire a more comprehensive package of design and management, call MediaHeads today on 03333 44 77 55 or contact us via