Knowing which part of your marketing is working is paramount in ensuring you the best possible return on investment on your advertising spend. If you spending money on search engine optimisation, pay per click on search engines and Social Media Activity you need to know exactly where your leads and sales are coming from so you can increase your activity in those areas and reduce your spend in areas that are not delivering.

This is where we can help, we will configure Google Analytics to show all the website traffic streams separately and accurately to show the following:

  • Direct Website Traffic
  • Google Organic Traffic
  • Google Paid Search Traffic
  • Google Paid Display Traffic
  • Facebook Organic
  • Twitter Organic
  • Facebook Paid
  • Twitter Paid
  • LinkedIn Paid
  • LinkedIn Organic
  • Instagram Paid
  • Instagram Organic

Once these traffic streams have been identified, connected and configured correctly we will set up conversion tracking so we can see which traffic streams are bringing in the website leads.

We will also add UTM tracking code to any links for campaigns you are running to segment the cost and return for those campaigns.

We will then create you a custom excel report template that you can then simply add any Pay Per Click spend and sales figures to the excel sheet will produce a marketing dashboard report based on your requirements.

The cost of producing this report varies and is based on how much time is required to configure each of your marketing streams and the complexity of the report thats required. Please call us on 01782 450111 to discuss your requirements.