For all the app kingdoms and all the app types

At MediaHeads, we like a challenge. That’s why we build and develop apps for all platforms.

We have made custom designs for Apple iOS, Android, Hybrid and Windows. Our interface design is unparalleled, delivering the best results for your company and its clients. Whatever your budget and however many platforms you wish to participate on, MediaHeads will create a comprehensive package to suit your app needs.

We like to cut out the jargon and make everything as simple as possible. You can either ride shotgun with us and be as involved as possible, or you can take the back seat and we will include you in the necessary details. There are several steps we like to take all of our apps through beginning with:

Concept and strategy

It begins with a concept. We will discuss your idea, what you need and how to make it work. The more extensively detailed we can make our notes, the better your final product. We shall establish our digital strategies from the start so that we can stay focused on the business goals throughout.

From wireframes to prototypes

Your apps primary function is user experience. Through wireframes we will be able to illustrate the user’s journey and create a functional prototype. The prototype will then be tested among our staff so that we can document a true user’s experience and untangle any errors.

Elaborating the essence

Once the prototype has been thoroughly-tested and you are happy with the fundamentals, we will transform it into the digitally perfect product you would find in the app store. There’s no point in having a beautifully coded app and have terrible aesthetics on display. We will clean up all aspects of the app and ensure it’s finished to the highest standard.

Deploying your app

Your app will come to life. We will present to you the final product before we go ahead with the launch in the apps stores. The final stage of our strategic marketing campaign will be to get your app as much attention it deserves on this day and hopefully thereafter. Every little helps in getting your app noticed.

We provide invaluable support throughout the process and after-care can be included in your bundle. The time scale of your project largely depends on the app type, the scale of the project and your budget. We can offer you invaluable advice and if you wish to update any of its features we are more than happy to keep it up-to-date and functional.

Let’s build an app. Contact out team today on 03333 44 77 55 or outline your project in an email and we will return with a quote.