“Too many bids spoils the clicks.”

On Friday the 2nd of November, MediaHeads was at Action for Business Live seminar hosted at the Best Western Stoke Moat House.

We were there to debut a presentation that we have affectionately called “Too Many Bids Spoils the Clicks”

The presentation tells people not to bid all their money away on PPC, but develop a strategy, because you’ll get better results for less.

A successful pay-per-click advertising campaign doesn’t just depend on how much money you have to spend. You could have a large advertising budget, but if your advert isn’t targeted correctly and doesn’t attract people’s attention you could find that competitors are getting better results for a lot less money.

The session focused on all the major pay-per-click advertising channels; Google Adwords, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Advertising and Facebook Advertising. It covered the reasons why PPC can benefit your business, what is and isn’t classified as PPC, the differences between organic and paid listings, places other than search-engines where your adverts could appear, selecting those “Killer Keywords”, the most effective way to get the best ROI, the Pros and Cons of using PPC compared to traditional advertising methods, how to set-up your first campaign and Top Tips to remember forever.

We have uploaded the presentation for you to download and look at. The link is available below:

Pay-per-Click Advertising Presentation (5MB) 

If you would like to discuss PPC further or would like us to set up a PPC campaign, please call 01782 450111 or email us at enquiries@mediaheads.co.uk